Aaron Rodgers Breaks Twitter Silence Over Packers Draft Pick

Aaron Rodgers Breaks Twitter Silence Over Packers Draft Pick


By now, every NFL fan is aware of the Green Bay Packers’ controversial decision to draft a quarterback in the first round. Jordan Love will now be Aaron Rodgers’ backup and will most likely be his replacement once he retires or leaves the Packers. The decision has some fans fearing the worst about Rodgers’ future in Green Bay and some pundits think he is even going to request a trade because of the disrespectful gesture made by his team.

Rodgers has said very little on the topic until recently when he started liking a whole bunch of messages on Twitter. One of the tweets that stands out is a shot at Packers reporter Rob Demovsky who suggested Rodgers is upset with the team. The Twitter user lashing out at Demovsky said Rodgers is a grown man who understands the business of football and that he isn’t shaken up by the team’s decision. Rodgers’ use of the like button is a sure sign that he agrees with the message being conveyed and that he has no qualms about what the Packers decided to do.

It remains to be seen how things work out in Green Bay although for now, it’s clear that the Packers are already toying with life after Aaron Rodgers.

Needless to say, next season is about to be a whole lot of fun.