Aaron Carter Tattoos Girlfriend’s Name On Face

Aaron Carter Tattoos Girlfriend’s Name On Face


Aaron Carter has made several headlines over the past few months, fueling a resurgence that most of us would not have expected. He has gotten large face tattoosfreaked out on artists who’ve accused him of stealing, and has accused his family members of terrible things. However, things started to calm down, until he debuted his new tattoo. 

Child-stars tend to have a hard time adjusting to life after childhood and it’s possible that Aaron Carter is no exception to the rule. We hope that he’s doing fine, but several face tattoos have some fans worried. 

His most recent tattoo, above his right eyebrow, says “Melanie”, the first name of his current girlfriend Melanie Martin. The two reportedly met in California, where Aaron now resides. The couple has been very outward about their relationship since revealing to the public that they were together in January. Both Aaron and Melanie are featured heavily across each other’s Instagram feeds, leading us to believe that they are very happy with their relationship.

Aaron surely must feel something special between him and Melanie, because he took an opportunity this weekend to get a very visible “Melanie” tattoo above his eye.

Carter has been linked to several different women over the past few months, but none of those relationships felt (or looked) as serious as this.