A Supposedly Wrong "Jeopardy!" Answer Causes An Uproar On Twitter

A Supposedly Wrong "Jeopardy!" Answer Causes An Uproar On Twitter


For decades, Jeopardy! has sparking conversation, inspiring research, and referencing pop culture moments and personalities to the surprise of their fellowship. However, there have been seldom moments where Jeopardy! has sparked such as debates as this.

On a recent episode of the esteemed game show, a question from the “Where’s that Church?” category was provided to the hopeful trio of contestants. The clue for the selected question read, “Built in the 300s A.D., the Church of the Nativity.” A contestant by the name of Katie Needle quickly buzzed in confidently answering, “What is Palestine?”

Longtime show host Alex Trebek, calmly replied, “No.” The reactionary look of confusion that came across Ms. Needle’s face created the now-viral moment as many across the internet defended her answer stating that it was actually correct.

After a dispute with her answer, Katie Needle was unexplainably awarded a $200 prize for her answer following a commercial break that had taken place. While the Jeopardy! production team attempted to correct the flub in private, Twitter was not having it as some users went in on the classic question and answer game show. Take a look at some Twitter users defending Katie Needle below. 


Katie Needle herself even took to Twitter adding on to the conversation. Check out her Tweets in response to the alleged Jeopardy flub.

While Katie Needle and Jeopardy! might have secretly fixed their mistake utilizing TV magic, social media wasn’t going to let the contestant take an unwarranted ‘L’ at the fault of the highly-popularized game show. Despite his battles with cancer, Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek and the show still continue to rake in the viewers after all of these years.