93-Year-Old Man Shoot Maintenance Worker Over Apartment Water Damage

93-Year-Old Man Shoot Maintenance Worker Over Apartment Water Damage


An elderly man in Las Vegas was involved in a police-involved shooting on Thursday morning after his frustrations over water damage in his apartment reached its peak. According to CNN, as well as surveillance footage, a 93-year-old man shot an apartment worker at a residential complex.

Robert Thomas has been charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, discharging a firearm within a structure, burglary with a firearm and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. The 93-year-old man faced a judge on Monday morning after police say he shot a maintenance worker twice in the legs. 

“It was later determined that Thomas was upset at the management because of water damage and flooding within his apartment,” a rep for the police department said. “While on the phone with the caller, the dispatcher was able to hear some of the threats being made by Thomas.”

“I didn’t want to hurt the guy, I just wanted to screw him up a little,” Thomas told the court last week.

In a video that emerged, you can see Thomas pulling out a gun before shooting the employee. Police were called to the scene by an administrative worker. They ended up hearing bits of the threats Thomas made and showed up to the door. Police ordered Thomas to drop the weapon before letting a round off into the apartment. They missed Thomas who put his gun down on the desk and was taken away.