6ix9ine’s Ex Claims 50 Cent Taught Him How To "Hide Money"

6ix9ine’s Ex Claims 50 Cent Taught Him How To "Hide Money"


6ix9ine has only been on house arrest for a minute now, and it would appear his name is already being attached to, well, further antics. And they say things change — did anybody really expect any different from the soon-to-be live streaming rapper? Lo and behold, the rainbow-wonder has somehow managed to stir the pot once again, but such is the effect he tends to have on those within his circle. Evidently, his ex-girlfriend slash mother-of-his-child Sara Molina isn’t ready to let him off the hook, having recently made Tekashi the topic of a heated Instagram Live session. 

6ix9ine's Ex Claims 50 Cent Taught Him How To "Hide Money"

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One of the main sticking points appears to stem from 6ix9ine’s alleged unwillingness to pay child support, an issue that Molina has addressed in the past. In fact, her entire live stream appears to be directly aimed at 6ix9ine’s current girlfriend Jade, coming off like a warning of sorts. And though 50 Cent made it abundantly clear that his relationship with 6ix9ine — whom he once called son — was over, the legendary rapper once again found his name dragged through the rainbow-tinted mud.

“[6ix9ine] told me how he was going to hide money from you,” rants Molina, at the onset of a lengthy IG tirade. “He told me he was going to hide his fucking money from child support and fucking charities cause 50 taught him. He was going to that extent … just not to take care of your daughter.” Given by the mocking disdain with which she utters the name “50,” it’s clear that Molina holds no love lost for 6ix9ine’s formerly proud faux-papa.

Ah, Fofty. Even when he’s not directly involved in a situation, he finds himself influencing measures all the same. Next thing you know, 6ix9ine will be asking for his money by Monday.