50 Cent Thanks Oprah For Backing Out Of Russell Simmons Documentary

50 Cent Thanks Oprah For Backing Out Of Russell Simmons Documentary


One of the most recent victims of 50 Cent‘s public slandering – aside from French Montana – is Oprah. Fif was calling out the media mogul for producing a documentary about the sexual assault allegations against Russell Simmons. The documentary focuses on the testimony of one of Simmons’ accuser, Drew Dixon, who worked at Def Jam alongside Simmons in the 90’s.

On Friday, Oprah announced that she is stepping away from the project due to creative differences between her and the filmmakers. “In my opinion, there is more work to be done on the film to illuminate the full scope of what the victims endured and it has become clear that the filmmakers and I are not aligned in that creative vision,” she wrote in a statement. While Oprah revealed that the doc will no longer air on Apple TV+ – as part of the deal she made with the budding streaming service – her statement suggests that the doc is still set to premiere at Sundance Film Festival later this month. “Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering are talented filmmakers. I have great respect for their mission but given the filmmakers’ desire to premiere the film at the Sundance Film Festival before I believe it is complete, I feel it’s best to step aside.”

As expected, 50 Cent supports Oprah’s decision to sever ties with this project. He argued that black men have largely been the ones facing repercussions for the #MeToo movement, while many white men accused or guilty of similar transgressions have walked away unscathed. Fif has shared two Instagram posts that express how satisfied he is about Oprah’s move. “Alright,alright,alright Oprah we love you, thank you for responding and if you ever need me for anything I’m here,” he wrote in the caption of the first post. The second post’s caption read: “Obama’s production company also passed on this documentary. Oprah stepping away from it speaks volume. We are all in support of the me too movement just not this bullshit.” 

Oprah emphasized that she’s not backing away from the doc due to her belief in the credibility of the accusations. “I want it to be known that I unequivocally believe and support the women,” she stated. “Their stories deserve to be told and heard.”