50 Cent Shares Video To Prove That French Montana "Switch Sides A Lot"

50 Cent Shares Video To Prove That French Montana "Switch Sides A Lot"


This 50 CentFrench Montana beef pretty much appeared out of nowhere, but it’s continuing to burn hot. It all started a few days ago when Fifty started trolling French for leasing a 2008 Bugatti, as he got a good laugh out of the fact that he’d be interested in a 12-year-old car with a CD player. French retaliated with an edited photo of Fifty kissing Eminem and some receipts that suggest Fifty fooled around with Celina Powell. Fifty, never being one to back down from a slander battle (especially one he started), alleged that French tampered with the streaming numbers for his single, “Writing On The Wall”.

But wait, there’s more. Fifty was up bright and early this morning sharpening his sword. His latest attempt to defame French involves a video of Pistol Pete saying some humiliating stuff about the “No Stylist” rapper. Pistol Pete is a Bronx legend who belonged to Fat Joe‘s Terror Squad. The video that Fifty shared comes from Pete’s appearance on The Premium Pete Show in July, during which he detailed his beef with French. He recalled how French used to turn to him in times of worry, such as when he got caught in the middle of Fat Joe and 50 Cent’s beef. “He used to be scared for years,” Pete said. “‘I’m scared Macho Joe is gonna smack me cause I kinda fuck with 50.’ He’s a paranoid, scared guy, for years.” 

Pete then exposed how French used to turn to him for assistance after having one too many. “He’s calling me – he’s got tons of fake jewelry on – ‘Yo Pete, I’m drunk. Can you please take me to the hotel?'” Pete would concede. “‘Yo, let’s go get this fucking guy, make sure he’s okay. Bring him to the hotel, tuck him in. ‘Ok, have a great night, buddy.'”

Fifty highlighted how this clip proves French’s flakiness. “He switch sides a lot he a sucker,that’s why the Dream Chasers beat his ass,” he wrote in the caption. In a comment below the caption, Fifty tried to make sure that the fake jewelry part doesn’t go overlooked.