50 Cent Ridicules Young Buck With Gay Pride Joke

50 Cent Ridicules Young Buck With Gay Pride Joke


For years, 50 Cent has been going at his former friend and bandmate Young Buck. After being so close for such a long time, 50 Cent switched his tune when he alleged that Young Buck was dating a transgender woman, seemingly writing him off from that point on. Buck has denied those allegations but still, Fif isn’t letting up.

Once he finds one aspect of your character that he can clown, Fif will amplify that to the world and continually make you a laughing stock. That’s what happened with Buck and it all continues this week.

50 Cent Ridicules Young Buck With Gay Pride Joke
Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

Normally, the summer would be filled with parades to celebrate all sorts of different causes. One of those is the Gay Pride Parade, which places the LGBTQ+ community at the forefront. 50 Cent wondered if the coronavirus outbreak would cancel said Gay Pride Parade, hoping that that isn’t the case so that his longtime friend and rival could still turn up in the streets.

“Hey is 2020 gay pride parade cancelled?” asked the rapper on Instagram. “Asking for a friend, young Buck. LOL.”

50 Cent has absolutely no chill and this is another reminder of that. He doesn’t care if he hurts your feelings. If he can get a laugh out of your hardships, he’s going for it.

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