50 Cent Responds To "Power" Episode Criticism: "Next Week’s [Worse]"

50 Cent Responds To "Power" Episode Criticism: "Next Week’s [Worse]"


If you weren’t a fan of this week’s episode of Power, you may not want to tune in to next week’s display. Or, if you feel like torturing yourself, you may actually be into it. 50 Cent has heard the criticism surrounding last night’s episode of the show and he’s officially fired off his response, telling folks that next week is going to be even worse.

50 Cent Responds To "Power" Episode Criticism: "Next Week's [Worse]"
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

After dropping an entire episode basically centering on Angela’s sister, which “nobody asked for” as one fan put it, 50 Cent is not hearing any more complaints about his ultra-popular drama show. Power is nearing its series finale before branching off into a number of spin-offs but loose ends need to be tied after several seasons of storylines kept us on our toes. Sharing a couple of photos from a recent event regarding another one of his television ventures, Fif reminded his loyal audience that they can’t just “flip on [him]” when they feel like it. “Y’all don’t like POWER this week, don’t worry next weeks worst,” wrote the rapper. “Nah for real y’all gotta chill out.”

50 Cent is currently working on promotion for his upcoming ABC show For Life, which will focus on the story of Isaac Wright, a lawyer who was wrongfully convicted of being a drug kingpin. He promises the new series will be just as fire as Power is/was. Will you be giving it a shot?