50 Cent Humiliates Girlfriend’s Cooking Skills

50 Cent Humiliates Girlfriend’s Cooking Skills


Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and his girlfriend Jamira “Cuban Link” Haines are quarantined together and, although they continue to bond through trolling one another, it has become pretty clear that the rapper is not a fan of the aspiring lawyer’s skills in the kitchen.

It isn’t uncommon to hop on the ‘gram and see 50 Cent roasting the living hell out of his significant other. While some would be completely turned off by the display of affection, it’s really just that. Fif shows his love in alternate ways, choosing to humiliate his loved ones from time to time to remind them they’re in his thoughts. 

Cuban Link is often a target for her boyfriend, and this weekend brought another example of that to the table.

“This is me when #CubanLink cook,” wrote 50 Cent on Twitter, attaching a video of a child offering a questionable food review.

Throughout the clip, it’s quite clear that the kid isn’t enjoying whatever they’re eating, but they still maintain the fact that they’re enjoying every second of it. 50 Cent is identical, choosing to keep a brave face during the torture and never letting out a peep about how bad the food actually tastes.

We’re sure Cuban Link isn’t as bad as he’s making it seem.

50 Cent Humiliates Girlfriend's Cooking Skills
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