21 Savage Angrily Lists Complaints About NBA 2K20 Video Game

21 Savage Angrily Lists Complaints About NBA 2K20 Video Game


Don’t get in the way between a grown man and his video games, especially the professional sports ones. Even though “NBA 2K20” released back in September, it seems 21 Savage is only getting around to playing it now because he just took to Instagram to voice his complaints with the game.

“P*ssy ass game,” he frustratedly starts his rant. “Y’all needa fix this shit, 2K. Fake ass shit.”

Why is it fake, you ask? “The n****s y’all be geeking up on the game be weak as fuck in real life,” the Atlanta rapper explains. “They suck. They be trash. Y’all let these n****s make these weak ass shots on they game, man. Fuck wrong with y’all? Shit be fake as fuck.”

How angry is 21 Savage about these defects? So angry that he claims “we wanna break the game.”

On top of all that, “then you let these n****s get in this weak ass zone defence and you can’t do shit. N****s just standing there, no three in the key or nothing.” 2K, the ball is now in your court. Will you take into consideration Savage’s feedback?

Back in November, it seemed 21 Savage was getting the ball rolling on releasing music again, with his latest single “Immortal” and a bunch of song previews. However, he has returned to remaining relatively low key, leaving us in the dark regarding when we could expect more joints from him.