20 Songs about Chicago

20 Songs about Chicago


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Chicago, the Windy City, is a city known for its diverse culture, rich history, and iconic landmarks. This city has inspired countless musicians over the years to pay homage to it through their music. From the soulful blues of Muddy Waters to the electrifying rock of the Smashing Pumpkins, Chicago has been the subject of some of the greatest songs in music history. In this article, we will take a look at the Top 20 songs about Chicago. These songs capture the essence of the city, its people, and its spirit, and they are a testament to the deep connection between music and place. Whether you’re a lifelong resident of Chicago or simply a music lover, these songs are sure to evoke powerful emotions and memories. Get ready to experience the musical side of the Windy City and discover why Chicago continues to be one of the most celebrated cities in the world.

1. “Sweet Home Chicago” by Ben Harper, Tom Freund

“Sweet Home Chicago” is a popular blues song that has been covered by many artists over the years, including Ben Harper and Tom Freund. The song pays homage to the city of Chicago, one of the centers of blues music in the United States. The lyrics celebrate the city’s rich musical heritage, its people, and the joys and hardships of life in the Windy City. The upbeat melody and driving rhythm, combined with the passionate vocals of Harper and Freund, make “Sweet Home Chicago” an energetic and inspiring tribute to the city that gave birth to the blues. Whether you’re a resident of Chicago or just a fan of blues music, this song is sure to get your feet tapping and your heart singing.

2. “Shy-Town” by Gorillaz

“Shy-Town” by Gorillaz is a funky, upbeat song about Chicago, the Windy City. The song features a groovy bassline, jazzy saxophone solos, and catchy lyrics about the city’s vibrant music scene, all blended with the unique, animated sound of Gorillaz. Throughout the track, the band sings about the city’s famous jazz clubs and how the music from those clubs can be felt throughout the city. The song also touches on the rough side of the city, painting a picture of a place that can be rough and wild, but also warm and inviting. With its blend of upbeat rhythms, groovy bass, and soulful lyrics, “Shy-Town” is a tribute to one of America’s most iconic cities.

3. “42 in Chicago” by Merle Kilgore

“42 in Chicago” is a song written by Merle Kilgore, released in 1966. This upbeat and energetic tune is an ode to the city of Chicago and its residents, reflecting on the windy city’s spirit and joie de vivre. The song’s catchy melody, upbeat rhythm, and upbeat lyrics make it a fun and lighthearted tribute to the city and its inhabitants. Throughout the song, Kilgore speaks to the people of Chicago, addressing them as “42” – a nod to the song’s upbeat rhythm, which is said to be reminiscent of the fast-paced beat of a train moving through the city. With its upbeat energy, catchy melody, and infectious spirit, “42 in Chicago” is a timeless tribute to the city that has captured the hearts of so many.

4. “Chicago (Chi-Town) Blues” by Earth, Wind & Fire

“Chicago (Chi-Town) Blues” by Earth, Wind & Fire is a funky, upbeat tribute to the Windy City. The song showcases the band’s signature blend of soul, R&B, and funk, as they pay homage to the vibrant musical culture of Chicago. With its groovy rhythm section, catchy horns, and upbeat lyrics, this song captures the energy and excitement of the city, and is a celebration of all that it has to offer. Whether you’re a lifelong resident or just passing through, this song is sure to get you up and dancing, and will leave you feeling proud to call Chicago your home.

5. “Sweet Home Chicago” by Robert Johnson

“Sweet Home Chicago” by Robert Johnson is a classic blues song that pays homage to the city of Chicago and its vibrant musical heritage. With its signature fingerpicking guitar style and soulful lyrics, this song has become a staple of the blues genre and an enduring tribute to one of America’s most iconic cities. The lyrics speak of the desire to escape from the hardships of life and find solace in the comfort of the Windy City. With its upbeat tempo and catchy melody, this song is sure to get your feet tapping and evoke a sense of nostalgia for a simpler time. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the blues or just discovering the genre, “Sweet Home Chicago” is a must-listen that captures the spirit of the city and the musical tradition that it represents.

6. “Everyday I Have The Blues / Goin’ To Chicago Blues” by The Four Tops

“Everyday I Have The Blues / Goin’ To Chicago Blues” is a medley of two blues classics, performed by The Four Tops. The song opens with “Everyday I Have The Blues,” which sets a melancholic and soulful tone with lyrics about the singer’s daily struggles and heartache. The second half, “Goin’ To Chicago Blues,” picks up the tempo with a more upbeat melody and lively rhythm, as the singer expresses his desire to leave behind his troubles and travel to the bustling city of Chicago. The Four Tops bring their signature harmonies and powerful vocals to this blues medley, creating a timeless tribute to the music and culture of Chicago.

7. “Born In Chicago” by Paul Butterfield Blues Band

“Born In Chicago” is a blues rock song by Paul Butterfield Blues Band, released in 1965. This song showcases the powerful vocals of Paul Butterfield and the incredible guitar playing of Mike Bloomfield. The lyrics of the song depict a man’s reflection on his upbringing in the Windy City, and how the city has shaped who he is today. The song features a driving beat, soulful guitar solos, and raw, emotive vocals that capture the essence of Chicago blues. The song is considered one of the best blues rock tracks of the 1960s and remains a staple in the genre to this day.

8. “Chicago” by Sufjan Stevens

“Chicago” by Sufjan Stevens is a folk-inspired song that pays homage to the city of Chicago, Illinois. Stevens’s soft vocals and acoustic guitar set a melancholic tone as he reflects on the city’s history, architecture, and beauty. The song also touches on themes of love, loss, and hope, making it a touching tribute to the Windy City. The whimsical use of strings and horns in the instrumental section adds to the song’s unique and emotional character, making it a standout track in Sufjan Stevens’s discography. With its nostalgic and dreamy atmosphere, “Chicago” is a celebration of the city that has inspired so many.

9. “Tonight, Tonight” by Smashing Pumpkins

“Tonight, Tonight” is a hit single by American alternative rock band Smashing Pumpkins. Released in 1996, the song features a blend of soaring guitar riffs and atmospheric keyboards set against frontman Billy Corgan’s emotive vocals. The lyrics touch upon themes of nostalgia and longing, with the singer yearning for a simpler, more innocent time. The music video for “Tonight, Tonight” features a steam-punk inspired aesthetic and was well received upon its release. This song remains one of Smashing Pumpkins’ most beloved tracks, and its upbeat energy and catchy melody have made it a staple of alternative rock radio and concerts.

10. “Chicago At Night” by Spoon

“Chicago At Night” by Spoon is a vibrant and energetic alternative rock song that captures the essence of the city. With its fast-paced guitar riffs, driving drums, and catchy vocal melodies, this song is the perfect anthem for anyone who loves Chicago. The lyrics paint a picture of the city’s electric energy, describing the bright lights and bustling streets as the narrator experiences the excitement of a night out in the Windy City. Whether you’re a lifelong resident or just a fan of the city’s unique charm, “Chicago At Night” is sure to put a smile on your face and get your feet moving.

11. “Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night” by The Hold Steady

“Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night” by The Hold Steady is a rock ballad that reflects on the city of Chicago at night. The song has a melancholic tone, with the singer describing the city as tired and worn out, as if it’s in need of rest. The lyrics paint a picture of the city’s empty streets, lit up by street lamps, and the feeling of being alone in the midst of a bustling metropolis. The song’s instrumentation is driven by a mix of guitar, bass, and drums, creating a haunting and atmospheric sound that complements the melancholic lyrics. Overall, “Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night” is a poignant tribute to the Windy City and its people, capturing the feeling of loneliness and introspection that can be experienced in a big city at night.

12. “Chi-City” by Common feat. Kanye West

“Chi-City” by Common featuring Kanye West is a hip-hop tribute to the city of Chicago, the birthplace of both artists. The song showcases their love and pride for the city and its history, while also addressing some of its issues and struggles. The beat is upbeat and energetic, reflecting the vibe of the city, and the lyrics are reflective and nostalgic, showcasing the artists’ personal experiences growing up in Chicago. The song is a celebration of the city, its culture, and its residents, and serves as a tribute to the Windy City’s impact on their lives and music careers.

13. “Back To Chicago” by Styx

“Back To Chicago” by Styx is a nostalgic rock song that takes listeners on a journey back to the city of Chicago. The lyrics depict the memories and experiences of someone who once lived in the city and is now longing to return. The song features driving guitar riffs and catchy drum beats, creating a upbeat and energetic vibe that captures the spirit of the Windy City. The chorus is an anthemic call to come back to Chicago, inviting listeners to sing along and remember their own experiences in the city. With its upbeat energy and nostalgic lyrics, “Back to Chicago” is a love letter to the city and a tribute to its rich history and vibrant culture.

14. “Dear Chicago” by Ryan Adams

“Dear Chicago” is a melancholy and nostalgic song by Ryan Adams, dedicated to the city of Chicago. Throughout the song, Adams sings about his longing for the city and the memories he has of it. The song has a soft, acoustic feel with Adams’ emotive voice and simple guitar strumming creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. The lyrics are introspective and reflective, painting a picture of a man missing his former home and reminiscing about the experiences he had there. The song is a heartfelt tribute to the city and its significance in Adams’ life, and a touching tribute to the power of memory and the longing for a place we once called home.

15. “The Night Chicago Died” by Paper Lace

“The Night Chicago Died” is a 1974 hit song by British pop group Paper Lace. The song tells the story of a young man who, after losing his father to gang violence, leaves Chicago for a better life. The lyrics describe the gritty reality of life in Chicago, with its crime and poverty, and the chorus expresses a longing for a better future. The song is characterized by its upbeat melody, catchy chorus, and melodic horns, which help to create a feeling of hope and optimism despite the dark subject matter. With its relatable themes and upbeat sound, “The Night Chicago Died” remains a popular and enduring classic of pop music.

16. “Somewhere On Fullerton” by Allister

“Somewhere On Fullerton” is a song by the American pop punk band Allister. It is a nostalgic love letter to Chicago and the memories made there. The lyrics evoke images of summer nights spent with friends, exploring the city, and falling in love. The song’s upbeat melody and catchy chorus make it a feel-good anthem for anyone who has ever called Chicago home. The sentiment of the song is one of longing for the past and the good times had in the Windy City. The references to Fullerton, a neighborhood in Chicago, add a personal touch to the song and make it relatable to those familiar with the area. Overall, “Somewhere On Fullerton” is a celebration of the city of Chicago and the experiences that make it special.

17. “Chicago” by Win and Woo ft. Bryce Fox

“Chicago” by Win and Woo ft. Bryce Fox is a modern electronic dance music (EDM) track that showcases the vibrant energy of the city it is named after. The song features upbeat and uplifting beats that are paired with Bryce Fox’s soulful and passionate vocals. The lyrics describe the feeling of being in love with the city of Chicago, its atmosphere, and the memories made there. The song is both energetic and nostalgic, capturing the essence of the Windy City and showcasing the special connection that its residents have with it. The track is perfect for anyone looking to get pumped up and feel the energy of the city, whether they are from Chicago or just visiting.

18. “Living In Chicago” by The Bee Gees

“Living In Chicago” is a song by The Bee Gees, a famous pop and disco group. This upbeat and lively tune is a celebration of the city of Chicago, with its catchy chorus and upbeat rhythm. The song is an ode to the city’s energy, spirit, and the people who call it home. The Bee Gees’ distinctive harmonies and upbeat melody make it an unforgettable anthem for the Windy City. Whether you are a long-time resident or just visiting, this song is sure to get you moving and put a smile on your face.

19. “Chicago Bound” by Jimmy Rogers

“Chicago Bound” by Jimmy Rogers is a classic blues song that was released in the 1950s. The track features Rogers’ soulful and emotional vocals as he sings about his journey to the Windy City in search of better opportunities and a brighter future. The song is driven by the rhythmic strumming of acoustic guitar and the smooth sound of the harmonica, creating a timeless sound that embodies the essence of the blues. The lyrics evoke a sense of longing and yearning, capturing the spirit of the time when many African Americans were migrating to Northern cities in search of a better life. “Chicago Bound” is a powerful tribute to the city of Chicago and its significance as a hub for blues music and culture.

20. “South Side” by Moby feat. Gwen Stefani

“South Side” is a song by electronic music artist Moby featuring Gwen Stefani. The song was released in 2000 and was a commercial success, reaching the top 10 on the charts in several countries. The song features a pulsating beat, upbeat electronic production, and Stefani’s energetic vocals. The lyrics reference the South Side neighborhood of Chicago and its nightlife, painting a picture of the energy and excitement of the area. The song has become a staple of dance and electronic music and continues to be popular over two decades after its release.