16-year-old Asian artist, Taliyah Kao Releases New Single “Dive Deep”

16-year-old Asian artist, Taliyah Kao Releases New Single “Dive Deep”


“Dive Deep” is the new single that showcases the extraordinary talents of 16-year-old Taliyah Kao. The artist from Toronto not only sings but writes, produces, mixes and masters her work. She has her own YouTube channel where she documents all these processes for those interested in the behind-the-scenes work of releasing a song.

“Dive Deep” explores the metaphysical ocean of extreme feelings and encourages her friend to dive deep to explore more important feelings than those commonly found on the surface. Taliyah was born into the twin cultures of Toronto and Vietnam, and her musical signature is expressing honest emotions in a bright, adolescent tone. This theme adroitly supports the common theme of exploring emotions, loneliness and isolation that are the hallmark of enforced pandemic isolation and the darker side of R&B.

Inspired by TLC, Michael Jackson and Aaliyah, Aliyah Kao learned to play piano at the age of eight, and received a laptop in middle school where she learned to produce her own music. Long before the Coronavirus, she often felt isolated as a minority and retreated to her room to make music. Her song “Deep Dive” has an edgy, underground undertone and combines the genres of R&B, pop and electronic music to generate a banger of an anthem that is undeniably authentic.


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