10 Songs about Bubbles to Float Away With

10 Songs about Bubbles to Float Away With


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Bubbles are fascinating, and they have captivated humans for centuries. The beauty of bubbles lies in their delicate and ephemeral nature. They are a metaphor for the transience of life, a fleeting moment of magic that can quickly disappear. Bubbles have been a source of inspiration for musicians, and many songs have been written about them. In this list, we have compiled 10 of the best songs about bubbles, perfect for floating away with. These songs come from a variety of genres, from pop to rock to electronic, and they all capture the essence of bubbles in their unique ways. Whether you’re blowing bubbles in the backyard or just daydreaming about them, these songs will take you on a journey that’s sure to delight and inspire. From playful and whimsical tunes to introspective and reflective ballads, these songs will remind you of the beauty of life and the magic that can be found in the simplest of things. So sit back, relax, and let these 10 songs about bubbles take you on a journey of wonder and joy.

1.I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles – Vera Lynn

“I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” is a popular song that was originally written in 1918 by Jaan Kenbrovin, John William Kellette, and James Kendis. The song has since become a classic, with numerous versions recorded by various artists. One of the most well-known versions was recorded by Vera Lynn in 1952, which has been featured in numerous films and TV shows. The song’s lyrics describe the joy and wonder of blowing bubbles, and how they seem to reflect the fleeting nature of life. The melody is catchy and upbeat, making it a fun and timeless tune that has captured the hearts of many.

2.Mr Bubbles – The Ruminaters

“Mr Bubbles” is a lively and playful song by the Australian rock band, The Ruminaters. Released in 2017, the song is a celebration of the joys of living in the moment and letting go of one’s worries. The lyrics are full of colorful imagery and wordplay, with references to “bouncing around like a rubber ball” and “dancing with Mr. Bubbles.” The catchy chorus is infectious, with its call-and-response style and sing-along melody. Musically, the song is a blend of garage rock and psychedelia, with fuzzy guitar riffs, pounding drums, and dreamy vocal harmonies. “Mr Bubbles” is a fun and exuberant tune that will have you dancing and singing along in no time.

3.Bubbles – Linkin Park

“Bubbles” is an instrumental track by the American rock band Linkin Park. The song was originally released as a B-side to their single “Crawling” in 2001 and later included on their rarities compilation, “Rarities Unreleased” in 2013. The track is a departure from the band’s signature rock sound, featuring a dreamy and ambient electronic arrangement. The song’s ethereal and atmospheric soundscapes, created by synthesizers and electronic drums, create a sense of floating and drifting. The music builds and evolves throughout the track, culminating in a haunting and mesmerizing climax. “Bubbles” is a departure from the band’s typical sound, but it showcases their versatility and willingness to experiment with different musical styles.

4.Bubbles – Ian Brown

“Bubbles” is a song by the English musician Ian Brown, released in 2001 as a single from his album “Music of the Spheres”. The song has a funky and upbeat sound, with a driving bassline, catchy guitar riffs, and a groovy drumbeat. The lyrics describe the sensation of being caught up in a moment of euphoria, with Brown singing about “riding on the crest of a wave” and “floating on bubbles in ecstacy.” The song’s catchy melody and infectious rhythm make it a joyous and uplifting tune that is sure to get you dancing. “Bubbles” is a testament to Brown’s talent for crafting catchy and memorable songs.

5.Bubbles – Biffy Clyro

“Bubbles” is a song by the Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro, released in 2010 as a single from their album “Only Revolutions”. The song has a distinctive and energetic sound, with driving guitar riffs, thundering drums, and soaring vocal harmonies. The lyrics describe the sense of freedom and escape that comes from being lost in the moment, with lines like “We’re free to be where we want to be” and “We’ll never die, we’ll keep the world spinning.” The song’s infectious energy and uplifting message make it a fan favorite and a highlight of the band’s live shows. “Bubbles” is a powerful and cathartic anthem that celebrates the joy and release of rock and roll.

6.Bubble – Lennon Stella

“​Bubble” is a song by Canadian singer and actress Lennon Stella, released in 2020 on her debut album “Three. Two. One.” The song has a dreamy and ethereal sound, with atmospheric synths, pulsing beats, and Stella’s emotive vocals. The lyrics describe the feeling of being caught up in a relationship that feels all-consuming, with Stella singing about wanting to escape from the “bubble” and break free from the intensity. The song’s introspective and melancholic tone, combined with its electronic and pop sensibilities, make it a powerful and haunting exploration of love, loss, and self-discovery. “Bubble” is a standout track on Stella’s debut album, showcasing her talent as a songwriter and performer.

7.Bubbles – System Of A Down

“Bubbles” is a song by the American rock band System of a Down, released on their 2005 album “Mezmerize”. The song has a distinctive and frenetic sound, with aggressive guitar riffs, pounding drums, and the band’s signature vocal style that alternates between screaming and singing. The lyrics describe the disillusionment and confusion that comes from living in a world full of contradictions and hypocrisy. The song’s intense energy and confrontational lyrics make it a standout track on the album, showcasing the band’s ability to address complex social and political issues through their music. “Bubbles” is a powerful and provocative song that demands attention and contemplation.

8.Bubbles in My Beer – Willie Nelson

“Bubbles in My Beer” is a classic country song that was originally written in 1946 by Bob Wills, Tommy Duncan, and Cindy Walker. The song has been covered by many artists over the years, including Willie Nelson, who recorded his version for his 1973 album “Shotgun Willie.” The song has a slow and mournful sound, with a twangy pedal steel guitar and Nelson’s distinctive, emotive vocals. The lyrics describe the pain and regret of a lost love, with the metaphor of bubbles in beer representing the fleeting nature of happiness. “Bubbles in My Beer” is a classic country ballad that showcases Nelson’s talent for capturing the heartache and bittersweet emotions of life.

9.Blood Bubbles – The Orwells

“Blood Bubbles” is a song by the American rock band The Orwells, released in 2012 on their album “Remember When”. The song has a raw and gritty sound, with fuzzy guitar riffs, pounding drums, and a driving bassline. The lyrics describe the destructive and nihilistic behavior of youth, with lines like “drinking, smoking, dying” and “my generation’s rotting.” The song’s aggressive energy and confrontational lyrics make it a standout track on the album, showcasing the band’s talent for creating raw and unapologetic rock music. “Blood Bubbles” is a powerful and provocative song that captures the recklessness and rebelliousness of youth culture.

10.Bubbles They Bounce – Hot Chip

“Bubbles They Bounce” is a song by the British electronic music band Hot Chip, released in 2004 on their album “Coming on Strong”. The song has a playful and whimsical sound, with bouncy synths, funky basslines, and the band’s trademark layered vocals. The lyrics describe the simple joy of blowing bubbles and watching them float and bounce around, with lines like “little spheres of joy, floating up to the sky.” The song’s upbeat and infectious energy make it a feel-good tune that’s sure to put a smile on your face. “Bubbles They Bounce” is a lighthearted and charming song that showcases the band’s talent for crafting catchy and fun electronic music.